Sustainable Reed Diffusers Now In Our Garbell Candles

Hello Everyone, 
Today I would like to discuss more about the reed diffusers. For some people it is still a mistery that they would like to get the answers. 
The most asked questions from my customers, friends and family are:
  • What exactly contains reed diffuser liquid;
  • How long reed diffuser lasts;
  • Do reed diffusers actually works;
  • Are reed diffusers safe.

What exactly contains reed diffuser liquid? 

According to reed diffusers are a simple mixture of a base solution and fragrance oil** poured into a glass bottle. Typically, rattan reeds are placed into the mixture to draw the solution up.

If you would like to see more of how to make reed diffusers at home I recommend you to click on this YouTube link.  

**Fragrance oil also known as aroma oils, aromatic oils, and flavor oils, are blended synthetic aroma compounds or natural essential oils that are diluted with a carrier like propylene glycolvegetable oil, or mineral oil.( Source: 


How long reed diffuser last?

On avarage, 100ml bottle, it should approximately last for 3-4 months. However it depends on the envirnonment. Air conditioners, central heating, open or close doors, wind tunnels can affect a lifespan of them. 


 Do reed diffusers actually works?

In fact they can be very intense in their scents in a room.  Of course it depends what kind of fragrance oils or essential oils were used. Some scents are more stronger and some of them are weaker. Reed diffusers have to be flipped around every 3 weeks for keep up the smell. They actually work very good. Our Reed Diffusers are brilliant. They last long even in the bigger rooms - like living room or even bigger office spaces. I've seen our Reed DIffusers in the restaurants, pubs and even hair salons. And people absolutely love them. Quote on quote - 'gives me this cozy, intimate feeling that I never want to leave. Almost like an addictive sensation'.  


 Are reed diffusers safe? 

According to our reed diffuser supplier Reed Diffuser base is: 

Cruelty Free International have confirmed that Augeo Clean Multi would be suitable for use in Leaping Bunny certified products where the company uses a fixed cut-off date of 1st May 2015 onwards.

  • Non-flammable, making it safer than some alternatives    
  • Perfect for reed diffusers with fragrances up to 25%
  • Very low odour    
  • Made from renewable resources, not petro-chemicals
  • Highly soluble and VOC compliant

Reed diffuser sticks are custom made with superior quality to traditional rattan reeds. Fibre diffuser sticks have been ave a porous structure that provides a controlled rate of fragrance release throughout the life-span of your diffuser. 

I hope this helps for everyone to understand more about what products we are offering in Garbell Candles shop. We always choose only the best supplies  for our products and that will never change. 

To be friendly to our environment is ous mission. 

Thank you everyone. 

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer to them.

Have a lovely day!



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